Le Limo on the Radio!

Posted by Michael Foilb on Thu, Feb 11, 2016 @ 12:35 PM

Le Limo makes a major effort to make sure prospects can find us on a variety of media channels. We've advertised in newspapers, magazines, television, all over the digital world and now, we're on the radio!

We negotiated an advertising package with WEEI, Boston and WAAF Worcester. After all our service area is Boston to Worcester. Tune in to listen. Or for those of you who just want to "play along at home," here is the body copy from our ad:

For 30 Years Le Limo has been setting the standard in the area for luxury livery transportation.

Whether it’s a corporate event, ride to Logan, special celebration, or night on the town

The fleet includes: stretch limos, sedans, suv’s, party buses, Mercedes Sprinters and more.

Call Le Limo about their 30th anniversary specials

Le Limo helps you return to an era of unparalleled luxury

Call 800-287-8970, 800-287-8970 or online at lelimo.com, L-E-L-I-M-O .com

And feel free to do what the ad says, visit us online (oh, you're already here) or call us at 800-287-8970

Click here to hear the ad: https://youtu.be/JVh_LPjr02k 

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A Limo Can Make the Holidays Magical

Posted by Michael Foilb on Tue, Dec 01, 2015 @ 10:47 PM

A friend of mine was recalling some holiday memories from when she was a child. She told me about how, one year, her mom and dad took her to the theater. She was so excited to have a chance to get dressed up to see a special holiday show with her family. Her mom gave her a little spray of perfume and then she even put some lipstick on her daughter. My friend put on her party shoes on, her fancy dress, a new hat and even a pair of white gloves. As the family was ready to leave she put on her coat walked outside and saw a stretch limo that, to her, seemed it was the length of the entire street.
Her jaw dropped and she thought it was the best day of her life. She told me that it one of the most magically memories of her childhood. She said she felt like a princess. So I asked her what show she saw and she looked at me and said, “you know, I have no idea.” Her memories were not about the show, they were about the “event.” They were about spending time with her family and being treated like royalty.
There are several great shows this holiday season that are suitable for the whole family. Le Limo can help make a theater outing into a lifelong memory. Make it more than a celebration of the holiday, make it a celebration of your child. Indulge and enjoy this magical time of year. Live the Limo Life!

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7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Limo Company

Posted by Michael Foilb on Wed, Mar 18, 2015 @ 05:09 PM

Whether you need a sedan, an SUV, a limo, a party bus, or something else, you want to make sure your livery company meets, or ideally exceeds, your expectations. While you’re shopping around for a chauffeured ride, you need to ask companies other questions besides, “How much does it cost?” You want to pick a safe, reliable, comfortable option that suits your needs.


  1. Do you use your own cars?

There’s a growing trend of web sites and apps that are basically just marketing companies that sell limo services. They will hook you up with a limo company, but there will likely be a commission added to your quote to pay those marketers. When you deal directly with the companies who own their own vehicles, you’ll likely pay less.

  1. What vehicles are in your fleet?

The average livery company in Massachusetts has 5 cars. So if you’re looking for a party bus, Mercedes Sprinter, limo, specialty car or another option, you want to ask and make sure that the company has the right ride for you.

  1. What do you do to insure my safety?

The most diligent companies have a variety of safety precautions that they go through. There are a multitude of state and federal guidelines that are required to insure that your ride is safe. From background checks and drug screening of the drivers to DOT adherence and commercial liability and collision insurance, you need to make sure that the company puts safety first.

  1. What services do you offer?

The best companies have an extensive fleet that can fulfill your every need. Whether you’re looking for upscale wedding service or a party bus for a night out, make sure that the company you hire is experienced in performing the logistics needed for your event. There’s a lot of nuance and details involved with a lot of the services. From prom and sporting events to sweet 16 and casinos, there are guidelines that need to be followed. For example, there are opportunities for comp pages at casinos, special treatment at nightclubs, red carpet rituals for the bride, etc. But only experience limo companies know how to sweat every detail to help you take advantage of the best opportunities.

  1. Do you have references?

Check out online review sites and ask friends. You can also do a quick search on the Better Business Bureau’s web site or check the company’s grade on Angie’s List. You may also want to check out testimonials online to see what kind of feedback the limo company gets from customers. Find out what others are saying.

  1. How are the cars maintained?

It seems obvious but taking care of the cars is expensive. And unfortunately, smaller struggling companies may try to cut corners in that area. Ask if they have a comprehensive maintenance program. Do they have their own mechanic? Is there a plan in place that insures thorough upkeep and repairs for all vehicles?

  1. How long have you been in business?

Only companies with experience can offer you the in-depth attention to detail that can provide you with a first-class, worry-free ride. Focusing on every detail of your trip requires the limo company to understand the finer points of providing service excellence. You want a company that will help you Return to an Era of Unparalleled Luxury.

Of course Le Limo is in the top echelon when it comes to providing these assurances. Since 1986, we’ve been setting the bar for luxury by using our own fleet of vehicles that are maintained to exceed government guidelines. We’re proud of our reputation for being the best, give us a call at 800-287-8970 and we’ll prove to you how Le Limo does things better.

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Tracking Our Limos, Cars, Party Buses and Chauffeurs

Posted by Michael Foilb on Sat, Nov 29, 2014 @ 05:51 PM



Part of the challenge of managing a fleet with 30 different vehicles is keeping track of where they all are and what the status is of each job. Le Limo uses DriverAnywhere. It’s an app that runs on a tablet or smartphone and streamlines and automates most of the tasks that smaller companies still do manually.

DriverAnywhere, empowers drivers to update reservation statuses as the ride progresses, they log status updates in our core software system, additionally, the system has the functionality to create electronic signatures for car-side client communication.

The program automates the driver assignment tasks with push notifications. Chauffeurs get updated every time they are assigned a new job or if there is a change in a job in progress. Drivers can accept or update trip status in real-time. Every vehicle, limo, sedan, SUV, party bus, trolley, stretch SUV or Mercedes Sprinter is updated in our central dispatch system with a single tap on a screen.

It allows us to track:
  • Dispatched
  • Customer in Car
  • On the way 
  • Arrived
  • Complete
  • Waiting for Customer
If you’re ever looking for an update on a ride or the ride of an associate, we’ll have the answer at our fingertips. It’s just one example of the technology that we invest in that helps ensure that the passenger comes first. At Le Limo, we think it exemplifies how we stand out from the rest of the pack.

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Blackout Wednesday - Consider the Livery Option

Posted by Michael Foilb on Wed, Nov 05, 2014 @ 03:27 PM

Blackout Wednesday

You know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday but are you familiar with Blackout Wednesday? It’s the night before the Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving eve has become associated with binge drinking because very few people have work on Thanksgiving. Plus college students all over the country come home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. They get together with old high school friends in their hometowns and over indulge in alcohol consumption.

The day gets its name because folks are "blacking out", which is memory loss due to excessive alcohol intoxication. In many parts of the country Blackout Wednesday is the most popular bar night of the year, ahead of both New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day. Which leads to this night being one of the top drunk driving night of the year in some cities. Authorities report the day has become one of the deadliest nights of the year for young adults.

So whether you’re a participant or a parent of a college student home to party with friends please be extra safe. Even if you’re not drinking, the guy in the other car may be drunk. If you don’t have a designated driver please give us a call to set up transportation for a safe night out.

We can provide Party Buses, Limos, Mercedes Sprinters and more.

Le Limo 508-842-4790 or email us at info@lelimo.com

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The Wedding Couple – Le Limo’s Trolley and the Rolls!

Posted by Michael Foilb on Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 03:19 PM

Trolley and Rolls Royce
Le Limo's Custom-Built Luxury Trolley paired with our Vintage Rolls Royce in the autumn sun.
One of the most popular choices for wedding parties is the combination of our 1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce and our Custom-Built Luxury Trolley. Typically, the bride and groom travel to and from the reception in the Rolls as well as stop for a photo shoot. The Rolls makes for stunning scenery behind a beautiful bride. The trolley is used to transport bridal parties and wedding guests. With the increased liability on the hosts for drinking and driving, the trolley is a high class way to get your group to and from the event safely.

The Trolley
The Custom-Built Luxury Trolley is a magnificent vehicle equipped to seat 36 passengers. This Trolley has plush leather perimeter seating, wood grain exterior trim, LED accent lighting, it’s adorned with metallic gold graphics, oak interior trim, classic brass hand rails, brass bell with pull ringer, it has an onboard mini bar with glass stemware, a premium sound system, and an electronic front designation sign. The trolley was custom designed for Le Limo by Cable Car Classics in San Francisco, CA, it is is the first of its kind in the US.

1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce
This car is the epitome of class and refinement. The snow-white 1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce preserves its vintage appearance with its immortal "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament, its memorable lines and its traditional wide white wall tires. The Rolls has fully restored classic features, a dove grey leather interior with beautiful burled walnut trim and has A/C for those hot summer weddings. It is the quintessential backdrop for photographs and a favorite with our brides who want to make their special day even more memorable.

These are genuinely unique transportation options that truly exemplify the elegance of your special day. Of course, we have more traditional options as well with our fleet which includes limos, Mercedes Sprinters, Party Buses, stretch SUVs and more. However, we only have one Trolley and one Rolls and sometimes they are booked over a year in advance. If you’re considering adding these vehicles to augment the grace and sophistication of your event, call us now at 508-842-4790.

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What's the Big Deal about a Dishwasher?

Posted by Michael Foilb on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 04:32 PM

At Le Limo, we have our own dishwasher!!


Why does that matter? Because we use it to clean our glassware the day before every vehicle goes out for a job.

Isn't that obvious? Well you'd think so but with so many small livery companies in the area, they just don't have space, time or budget to run their stemware through a dishwasher. Many don't even use glassware. They simply take it out of the vehicle figuring if you needed it you would have asked for it.

Some just skip the dishwasher stage. Well we've actually heard of stories where companies clean the glasses with glass cleaner and paper towel. Maybe some people like that fresh Windex flavor?

Then again, several companies just use plastic cups. We think that when you're paying for a night out draped in elegance, you deserve real glass.

At Le Limo, our sedans, limos, party buses, shuttle bus, SUVs, trolley, Sprinters, etc. all have real glasses, cleaned in a the dishwasher shown above. Many of our vehicles have two bars with a combination of highball and champagne glasses. There's a lot to keep clean.

How does this make us a great limousine company? Well, it's one of the many little things that we do to sweat the details. For us, it's all about exceeding your expectations. Every trip with Le Limo is a little bit more elegant than our competitors. It's our attention to the minutiae that earns us accolades from our customers, Angie's List, WGBH's Boston A-list, The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc. While we make sure to get the big stuff right, part of the what seperates us from other livery companies is our ability to get the small stuff right.

Our mantra is to do more and to help you Return to an Era of Unparalleled Luxury!

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Le Limo Inks 3-year Pack with Mass Higher Ed

Posted by Michael Foilb on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 04:27 PM

ContractLimo resized 600

SHREWSBURY– Le Limo Limousine Service has just been awarded a transportation contract for the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). The program gives members access to Le Limo’s entire fleet including, sedans, SUVs, limousines, Mercedes Sprinters, stretch SUVs, party buses, executive coaches, shuttle buses and a custom-built trolley. The 3-year agreement runs through June of 2017.

The contract offers special pricing to over 500 area non-profit educational entities including municipalities, private colleges and universities, public schools, state universities and community schools. The contracted rates are open to faculty, staff and students of the participating member organizations. MHEC aid they awarded Le Limo’s contract based on their bid response and the determined that Le Limo the most responsible and responsive bid that offered best value to MHEC members.

Le Limo CEO, Andrew Foilb stated, “We are honored to serve this indispensable segment of our community. We’ve build a reputation of setting the bar for luxury for the area’s livery companies. We look forward to providing that service to the MHEC members for many years to come.

MHEC members include the towns of Framingham, Marlboro, Natick, Newton, Worcester and hundreds more. Boston College, Boston University, University of Massachusetts and Harvard University are among the dozens of area colleges in the consortiums. Worcester’s EcoTarium, the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Museum of Fine Arts are some of the non-profits who are involved with the group.

Le Limo, who is listed as one of the Top 100 Limousine Companies in the country by LCT magazine, serves the greater Boston, MetroWest and Shrewsbury community.  Since 1986 Le Limo has offered a full range of services to individuals and corporations, business travel, airport drop off and pick up, weddings and premier night on the town transportation. Their corporate mission is to return you to an era of unparalleled luxury.

For further information contact Le Limo at 800-287-8970 or visit them online at lelimo.com. They also host an Open House at their Shrewsbury location at 224B Cherry Street every Saturday from noon until 3 PM.

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Live the Limo Life

Posted by Michael Foilb on Fri, Jun 13, 2014 @ 12:55 PM

Some of Le Limo’s newest advertising includes the catchphrase, “Live the Limo Life™.” But what does it mean? Basically, we want to make sure you know that it’s good to pamper yourself. To Live the Limo Life is all about seizing the day and splurging on yourself, enjoying the spoils of luxury. To Live the Limo Life means that you’re living life to the fullest and indulging in a lifestyle that (at least occasionally) returns you to an era of unparalleled luxury.

Live the Limo Life

Living the limo life is not just about renting a limousine, it’s about taking advantage of today. It’s about recognizing that you deserve luxury. You're worth it. Buy yourself a bottle of champagne, spend on an elegant dinner at an exquisite restaurant, order some top shelf liquor. Of course, you still need to live responsibly; you still need to save for tomorrow; but you can also live for today.

Fill each day with joie de vivre, style and elegance. But luxury is not just about spending money; luxury is about quality and, sometimes, luxury is free. Luxury detests haste, slow down, enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of fine wine.

To Live the Limo Life is not about quantity, it’s not about over indulgence; it’s the quality that matters. Hang out in nice places. Pass time in luxury hotel lobbies or on the dock at the yacht club. Spend time in art museums not fast food places.

To Live the Limo Life is about watching a great classic movie, reading a great book, buying yourself a high style magazine. Fill your home with fresh cut flowers or buy a set of fine linen napkins.

To Live the Limo Life is about enjoying the rewards of life.

Of course, you can ride in a limousine. And yes, at Le Limo we have a vast fleet of Sedans, Party Buses, SUVs, Mercedes Sprinters, Stretch Limousines, a Vintage Rolls Royce, Stretch SUVs and a Custom Built Trolley. But the Limo Life is more than that. You need to believe that you deserve to live a life of luxury and elegance. You only live once, when you’re ninety years old you should be able to toast yourself and say, “to my life, it's been well done.”…so Live the Limo Life.


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Issues with Rogue Car/Limo Ride Apps

Posted by Michael Foilb on Mon, May 05, 2014 @ 03:27 PM

The new hot "trend" in the transportation world is the proliferation of rogue app ride-service companies. But while these companies are winning customers, they are stepping away when problems arise with their clients. When you hire their service, whether it’s a sedan or a limo, your payment goes to the app company, but to quote one of the bigger companies:

The provision of the transportation services by the Transportation Provider to you is…(an) agreement to be entered into between you and the Transportation Provider. Uber shall never be a party to such agreement.


So you book your ride and then the app company, the company that picks your driver, then tells you that they “shall never be a party to such agreement!” They’re saying they'll set up your ride, but they’re not responsible for it. That’s like the going to the hospital and having administrators say, “We’re not responsible for anything that happens between you and the doctor.”

So what do you do if something goes wrong? While negative incidents and lawsuits begin to pile up in the future because of the lack of proper insurance, driver qualifications, and vehicle safety, where does that leave the customer? There have been multiple reports of criminal charges against drivers. Do you think the app company is going to help you?

In Boston a licensed taxi cab medallions is valued at $600,000. Is it reasonable that these app companies don’t have to compete in that same space? Uber in Boston has been issued a cease and desist order by Division of Standards of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which stated “until the National Institute of Standards and Technology has guidelines in place for GPS location technology,” the company cannot provide their application to the public.

Uber has ignored the state order.

In Cambridge, Uber drivers have been issued citations for operating an unlicensed livery service and for using a measuring device not conforming to state standards.

That said, there are several high quality livery companies that do take bookings from the rogue app companies. Just make sure you know what you’re getting. With the new ride share programs, anyone with a driver’s license and insurance can accept work from the app folks.

At a recent industry conference, one limo company president said, “I never thought the government would allow these companies to operate with commercial insurance policies. These companies will look you in the eye and lie (about their operations) and they haven’t come forward to be fully transparent … we have to get the facts out there,” he added.

Industry insiders predict that when the government sees that these rogue app companies operate illegally, don’t have the proper insurance or licensing, they will realize that they made a mistake and there will be changes.

So far there has been no intervention and no enforcement of law, so these companies are operating without proper insurance; they do not have driver training requirements or vehicle safety standards. There are DOT, DPU and MassPort guidelines designed to protect the passenger. There are rules about passenger limits, emergency escape hatches, fire extinguishers, drug testing, OSHA guidelines and more. Le Limo abides by those laws. We have professionally-trained drivers who are randomly drug screened. The drivers are our employees and they are in the sedans, limos and party buses that we own.

Without change, there will be a race to the bottom with price wars and no standards. We would like to think that safety and professionalism will be a key component of making sure limousine companies work the way they are supposed to.

Even though you don’t expect to be involved in an accident, make sure that you’re making smart safe choices when you get a ride.

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