Holiday Party Limo and Bus Rentals

Posted by Michael Foilb on Thu, Dec 03, 2015 @ 10:00 AM


Holiday Party

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and many of you are starting to plan your Holiday Parties.  Don't forget to add us into your plan!  Keep your friends and employees safe this season by letting our professional chauffeurs drive them safely in style and comfort.  We are offering some great Holiday Party packages.  Some of our vehicle offerings this season are:

  • 35 Passenger Custom Trolley (all enclosed and heated)
  • 35 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus
  • 26 Passenger Party Bus
  • 20 Passenger Party Bus
  • 16 Passenger Party Buses
  • 10-12 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Vans
  • 8 Passenger traditional Limousines
  • Full size SUV's and Luxury Sedans

All rentals come with a professional chauffeur, bottled water or beverage service, snacks upon request, and a new luxury vehicle.

We can customize all rentals to the timing and specifications of your event.  For special pricing and a custom quote please click the button below.

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Meet the Fleet: San Francisco Trolley

Posted by Kyle Harris on Tue, Sep 04, 2012 @ 10:16 AM

We've been getting a lot of requests about our trolley so we figured we'd give you a tour of our historic looking bus!


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Le Limo celebrates our 25th Anniversary in high style!

Posted by Jennifer Brugliera on Mon, Jan 02, 2012 @ 02:21 PM

Le Limo StaffOn December 27th 2011 the staff at Le Limo was treated to a surprise outing on the Boston Seaport Elite private yacht.  We were celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the inception of Le Limo.  The staff was told to be at the Seaport Hotel in Boston at a specified time and to bring a pair of sunglasses, fork, and hand towel.  Rumors swirled as everyone tried to guess where they were going and what was in store for them.  Guesses ranged from dinner at the Medieval Manor, to a scavenger hunt, to a mystery tour.  The secret was kept right up until it was time to board the yacht.  The crew of the Seaport Elite welcomed us with passed hors d'oeurves, appetizer stations and a beautiful holiday decor.  The evening was started with reflections, stories and Thank You's from our president Andrew Foilb.  Dinner followed and the staff had a great time.  A special Thank You to Steve Ercison of Ericson Photography for capturing our event for us and taking some great couple photos for us to share.  Thank You to Danielle our event planner with the Seaport Elite who made sure the staff catered to our every need.  Thank you to John Zucco at Entertainment Specialists for our music for the evening.  Everyone had a great time and it was an event to remember.

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Winter Discounts on Limo Rentals

Posted by Jennifer Brugliera on Thu, Dec 08, 2011 @ 02:47 PM


Happy Holidays!  The cold weather is moving in and we are all getting ready for the holidays.  Many of you are planning New Years Eve celebrations and holiday functions. 

We still have a great selection of vehicles available for New years Eve.  Some discounts may be available for certain vehicles.

Like the retail industry, the limousine industry also has "Off Peak" rental times due to supply and demand.  This enables us to offer Winter Discounts on limo rentals during our slower months of the year.  You get our exceptional fleet and top notch professional chauffeurs with added savings!!

We have custom premium sedans, stretch limos, SUV limos, Mercedes Sprinters, Party Buses and Custom Trolleys all available for rent during the winter months.

This year we have created some great promotions for anyone looking to book services for next year.  Take advantage of the savings we are offering by making a reservation during the next few months.

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Holiday Shopping with Limo Service

Posted by Jennifer Brugliera on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:26 AM

shopping limo

Have you ever had the pleasure of shopping with your own personal chauffeur and limousine?  How great would it be to simply call your personal chauffeur and have him "bring the car around" for you to fill the trunk and go back to shopping?  You don't have to fight for a parking spot.  You get dropped off right at the front door of the store and you don't have to load or unload your packages.  Better yet, you get picked up at home and treated to exceptional limo service and refreshments all from the comfort of your own limousine!  Many of  our clients have tried this service and they come back to us every year for their holiday shopping excursions.  It becomes a "Girls Day Out" or "Corporate Outing"-Special Promotions for Party Bus Rentals that they plan for in advance.  Take advantage of available discounts at many of our areas Premium Outlet Malls and shopping centers.  Top off the day with ice skating at Patriots Place and a special beverage at Bar Loiue or Travalino's before heading home with a trunk full of packages.

Call us or email us for available vehicles, dates and special promotions. We are available 24/7 to answer your request.

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Holiday Party Limo Rentals

Posted by Jennifer Brugliera on Fri, Nov 11, 2011 @ 11:08 AM

One of the best things about Holiday Time is that it's also Party Time. Whether it's Christmas, 4th of July, birthdays, Thanksgiving, or any number of other reason to celebrate, holidays and parties just go together. One way to really jazz up party time is by using Holiday Party Limo Rentals to arrive at the festivities in style, comfort, and safety. 

interior party busLimousines have been around for decades. They traditionally have been the vehicle of choice for the wealthy, the famous, and the VIPs of the world. But in today's modern culture, a limo ride is available to just about anyone. One of the best ways to try out limousine use is with Holiday Party Limo Rentals. As a gift, a special celebration, or as a group, limo rides are something anyone will enjoy.

There are many reasons to employ a limo at holiday time. Here are a few of the most recognized uses of Holiday Party Limo Rentals:

  • Relaxing
  • Fun
  • Safety
  • Spirit Building
  • No parking hassles
  • Socialize
  • Sales
  • Style!
Let's take a quick look at each one of these uses of a Holiday Party Limo.

Everyone knows how stressful holiday time is. A million things to do and a million places to go. Add some big city traffic and it's a sure bet you will arrive at your destination tense and irritable. Not much fun! On the other hand, take a limo ride into the city for that holiday get together and it's like a quiet ride in the country. All you and your passengers have to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery. A limo is sound-proofed to keep out the noise and bustle all around you. Add some serene or holiday music to complete the mood. Many limos even have TV or DVD players so you can pass the travel time watching a movie or favorite DVD. Relaxation at it's best!

You want to add some fun to your adventure? Get together a group of friends or family and plan a limo picnic on the way to the big fireworks show! Or maybe some champagne for just the two of you. Depending on the rental, you can bring your own or have it included as part of the deal. One great pastime at Christmas is checking out all the lights and decorations around town. That is, unless you are the driver! But from a limo, everybody gets to see the sights and join in the fun. The ideas are endless.

Of course, no one wants to think about accidents at the holidays. But parties can mean alcohol, and that can mean drinking and driving. Sure, there is usually someone who agrees to be the "designated driver", but if you're in a Holiday Party Limo Rental, your whole group can share the holiday cheer. There's nothing to ruin a great evening like an accident or a DUI ticket. And if anyone in the group gets a little "over indulgent" there is no long cold walk to find the car. Just hop in your warm limo and deliver all your party animals home, safe and sound!

Your group can even combine several of the best ideas for limo use. Any team event, as spectators or participants, can use the spirit generated by a group having fun. If your pool team is headed to the finals, why not try a limo ride to get everybody charged up? Or a team of sales professionals headed to an important meeting can really get ready for a great presentation on the way to the clients office. And holidays around the country mean Bowl Games and other special events when you need to support your school. What better way to arrive in your team colors than in a Holiday Party Limo Rental?

How many times have you had to park a block or two away from your destination and walk? Ladies in heels know that walking over uneven sidewalks in the dark can be down right hazardous to your health! Maybe your holiday get together is downtown with a nearby parking structure, so it's not a big walk. But how much does it cost to get out? There are dozens of times that a Holiday Party Limo Rental can eliminate those parking pains and costs. The driver pulls up to the door and out you go, right into the building. And when the party's over, it's another up close and personal pick up, right at the door.

Holiday time is usually so hectic it can be hard to get together with your friends. A trip into town in a Holiday Party Limo Rental will provide some uninterrupted time for you and friends to visit and catch up on everyone's lives. And it goes without saying that a date in a Holiday Party Limo Rental is quite a bit more interesting if neither of you is fighting bumper to bumper traffic. Maybe a family trip to the reunion in a Holiday Party Limo Rental is something that would interest you. A chance to visit with your nearest and dearest, but still able to hop out at your destination for some fun.

No discussion of the benefits of Holiday Party Limo Rentals is complete without a look at the business advantages. Not only does your customer feel pampered and special, you have a captive audience for any sales messages you want to deliver. Holiday Party Limo Rentals can have amenities like a bar, DVD player, and snacks. The ride to the restaurant outside town is the perfect time to wow your customer with a classy DVD tell of your company's programs. No interruptions allowed, just quiet time for you to get your message out there. And every good business person knows about business expenses. Holiday Party Limo Rentals can be considered a business expense a whole lot easier than figuring mileage and costs on a car.

And what about just plain style? There's a reason the celebrities love to arrive in a limo, and that's style! With Holiday Party Limo Rentals you can achieve that same rush and feel of stylish elegance. When you pull up to your destination in a long, sleek limo, the heads will turn. And those folks will remember who got out of that limo. It should be you! And there is a limo in the Holiday Party Limo Rental fleet that will fit just about any style you want. Long and sleek, all white, all black with dark windows, and even a stretch SUV are available. Grand style for anyone.

So you can see that there are as many reasons to use a Holiday Party Limo Rental as there are holiday parties. Whether it be Christmas, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, or any number of other reasons to get together, a Holiday Party Limo Rental can increase your enjoyment, let you arrive in safe, comfortable style, and may even let you close the big deal with a new customer. All you have to do is make the phone call. The staff at Holiday Party Limo Rentals will take it from there and make all the arrangements, just as you wish. Make your next party or get together one to remember with Holiday Party Limo Rentals!

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