Planning on Asking Her to Marry You?

Posted by Michael Foilb on Wed, Oct 26, 2016 @ 09:40 PM

Your future spouse will be asked over and over again about how you proposed. While some people may be able to set up a flash mob to sing and perform a choreographed dance to Marry that Girl (I'm going to Marry Her Anyway) and others may buy a full page ad in the New York Times or hire a private jet to fly off to Paris, for most of us, the elaborate over-the-top proposal plan just isn't feasible. But you can afford to have her engagement story start with..."he picked me up in a limo."


Simple, romantic, elegant and impressive, what a great way to let her know how special she is to you. Nearly 40% of engagements occur between November and February. Interestingly, 17% of engagements happen on the same 10 days each year! With plans to visit old friends and family during Thanksgiving or to take a trip home for the holidays. After the ring is revealed, the next question is, "how did he propose." Make sure she has a story to wow the people who love her.

Let us know if you’re planning to pick her up and a limousine to propose, we’ll help make sure it’s extra special!

[Of course, this doesn't have to be a plan just for her, it can be used to ask him to marry you.]

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Will You Rent a Limo to Minors?

Posted by Michael Foilb on Sun, Jul 17, 2016 @ 06:22 PM

underage limo rental


A question we get asked regularly is, will you rent to minors. Whether its for a birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, sweet 16, etc. we have customers who always want to know. Limos are so much fun and an awesome way to create lifelong memories, But to rent. when you are underage there are pre-requisits and safety requirements thate we put in place before you can secure a reservation.  Follow the guidelines below to receive the best limo rental. 

  1. To place a reservation you must be over 18 years old. 
  2. All dividers remain down and non-functioning during an underage event.
  3. No beverages are allowed in the back of the limo.
  4. All bags are stored in the trunk or cargo area and subject to search.
  5. All passengers must remain SEATED and all body parts must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
  6. Escape hatches must not be opened unless it is an emergency.
  7. A parent or guardian of each passenger must sign a liability agreement prior to the trip commencing.
  8. All balances and gratuities must be paid up front before the start of the trip.
  9. All vehicles are NON-SMOKING.
  10. Our chauffeurs are trained to keep you safe but also to allow you to have FUN.  They are a part of your special event and want you to be happy!

While your child may never misbehave in this environment, that doesn't mean his friends won't. We take safety seriously and our commitment to our customers means we take extra steps to secure that there are no risks to minors. 

Bottom line, yes, we rent to minors but there are rules that are strictly enforced to ensure a safe trip for all our passengers.

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Tailgating with Le Limo at Summer Concerts and more

Posted by Michael Foilb on Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 09:00 PM

One of the great thing about summer in New England is the opportunity to enjoy a great outdoor concert in one of the area's great venues. Whether is Kenny Chesney, U2, Cold Play, or Justin Bieber at Gillette Stadium, Don Henley, Bryan Adams, Moody Blues or Idina Menzel at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston, Nickelback, Rod Steward or OneRepublic at the Xfinity Center, or maybe Lady Gaga, James Taylor or Billy Joel at Fenway Park, there's an option for every musical taste.


Party buses are extremely popular at these events. We can provide you with luxurious vehicle, suitable for safe beverage consumption, for you to pregame in with your friends as you anxiously wait for the concert to begin! Our Celebrity Party Bus holds up to 40 people

Other great options in central Massachusetts include the DCU Center and Hanover Theatre:

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The Hanover Theatre is gorgeous and hosts every type of show which includes concerts, comedy shows, plays, etc.  I personally have attended a concert at each of these venues and they all are great and provide a diverse schedule of events and concerts.

There are great options for nights out at Mohegan Sun Arena and the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods. And of course, there are entertainment options beyond the concert scene, sporting events, night out, bachelor/ette parties, sweet 16 parties and more.

Enjoy New England this summer.

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8 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Posted by Michael Foilb on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 02:00 PM


A Nightfall view from Boston's elegant State Room.

  1. Do you have my date available?

It’s pretty much a moot point if someone has already booked the space.

  1. How many people does the space hold?

Ask about the capacity for cocktails hour, standing space and seating for dinner.

  1. What’s the fee for renting the space and what does that fee include?

Find out if your rental fee includes just the room or does it cover, tables, chairs, linens, bar set up, setup, cleanup, etc.

  1. How many parking spaces are available for guests?

This is one of those overlooked questions that could be demoralizing if they can’t fit the vehicles for all your guests.

  1. If you have your ceremony and reception in the same space, is there a strategy and flow to move guests? How much time do you need to transition from one activity to another?

Make sure that there’s a logical time frame from ceremony to reception. Do you need to plan on 2 hours for cocktails while the room gets reconfigured?

  1. If part of the plan is to be outside, is there an option to move inside with limited notice if there’s a weather problem?

Isn’t it ironic? Like rain on your wedding day…make sure you’re covered.

  1. Is there a suite or dressing room for the bride and groom?

You need to get ready, but do they have space for you to do that at the venue?

  1. On the money front, how much is the deposit? When is the balance due? What forms of payment to you take? What’s your cancelation policy?

It’s important to know how much you’re committing financial to the space. There may be advantages to you if you pay be credit card because you may be able to cancel the charge if something goes wrong. There are also benefits to the venue if you don’t use a card, because they can avoid paying credit card fees.

Ask the questions so you know everything you need know before you make a financial commitment. Your emotional commitment is to your future spouse not to the venue. Do what’s best for you, air all your concerns before you finalize your plans. Most off all have fun on your special day.


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7 Tips for Getting Ready for Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Posted by Michael Foilb on Wed, May 18, 2016 @ 09:01 PM

WeddingPhotography.jpg1. A great photographer will capture the elements that make your day spectacular.

1. Finalize (and Stick to) the Wedding Day Schedule

Make sure to tell your photographer your final schedule for your wedding day.  She’ll need that information to plan your shoot and to take advantage of any opportunities to use natural lighting. Stay on schedule, being late not only interrupts the photographer’s schedule; it can impact all your vendors from your transportation and cocktail hour to food and music.

2. Restrict the Use of Your Guests Picture Taking

One of the most frustrating things for a wedding photog is when someone jumps into the aisle to snap a picture when he had lined up the perfect shot. Ask your guest not to interfere with keep photo moments.

3. Get a Second Shooter

When you think about the financial commitment you made to this day, skimping on photography can cause you to miss capturing precious moments.  The second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would have been missed if he wasn’t on the scene.

4. The Pursuit of Perfection

Let it go. If you harp on making sure everyone does what you expect you’ll have a tough time enjoying your day. Communicate your goals clearly and then let the pros take over. You goal is to just have fun and keep smiling.

5. Schedule Time for Your "First Look"

Plan the 'first look' photo session before the ceremony.  Don’t try to squeeze in picture time. Make a commitment so there’s time to properly capture the moment.

6. Candids vs. Posed

If you want your album to include candid images don’t feel obligated to to look up at the camera and stop what you’re doing. If the photographer needs a posed shot, she’ll tell you what to do.

7. Don’t forget the Details

Spend some time thinking about what other aspects of the day are important to photograph -- did your aunt make flower arrangements? Did you bring special heirlooms from your family? Bring an extra invitation; keep those special elements easily accessible for your photo shoot.

There are other things you can do to ensure that your photographer captures the key moments of your wedding day. Utlimately, the goal is to communicate with her to make sure she understands what you want her to do. Most of all enjoy the day.

Limo Coupon Deals to the Airport?

Posted by Michael Foilb on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 @ 10:37 AM

We've seen a lot of attention grabbing coupon offers for discount rides to the airport. What they typically fail to mention is that you need to add gratuity (usually 20% of the original cost), tolls, fuel surcharges, administrative fees and Massport fees. Suddenly, the great deal is not so great. We got a groupon today 2/21/13, for example with this fine print: cancellation fee may apply. Extra fee outside of service area. Extra $20 fee for services 12:30 a.m.-4 a.m. Gratuity not included. Those extra fees and "not includeds" can add up pretty quickly. Just adding the gratuity and off hours fee is $76 extra. If you add a surcharge for service area, tolls and fees, suddenly you're paying $100 more than the advertised price.

We don't roll that way. Le Limo gives you an all-inclusive price when you book with us. To build a reputation for quality and luxury for more than 25 years, you have to treat the customer with respect. That's just the way we do business...always have. Call us 24 hours a day at 800.287.8970.

logan airport

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8 Insider Tips to Finding the Best Airline Ticket Prices

Posted by Michael Foilb on Sun, Feb 28, 2016 @ 01:43 PM

It can be frustrating to be on the same flight with other passengers who paid less than you for their ride. After all, you’re getting the same service, but the costs can be all over the place. Luckily, there are some indier tricks to help you get the lowest fare.


  1. Reports show that passengers pay “nearly six percent below the average fare” when they purchase tickets six weeks ahead of their flight.
  2. To be more precise, research shows that typically 54 days before the flight is the absolute lowest price for your trip. If you miss that window, make sure you purchase your ticked at least 21 days in advance. Contratry to traditional thought, airline flights do not get cheaper as you get closer to takeoff.
  3. Buy your tickets in the morning, Insiders tell U.S. News and World Report that “airlines only post a limited number of seats at a reduced fare at night.” Those fares are typically gone as the day goes along.
  4. Tuesdays at 3 PM Eastern time is the best day and time to buy your tickets according to
  5. also reports that Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly. So see if that mid-week departure can fit into your schedule. 
  6. Insiders told the U.S. News and World Report that the cheapest flights are usually the ones that depart first in the morning.
  7. Low-cost airlines like Southwest and JetBlue don’t allow their tickets to be quoted on popular comparison websites. Those sites often charge the airline which ultimately gets absorbed by the passenger. 
  8. If you watch “Alerts” to find the best rate, try they use actual people to confirm the deals rather than computer systems.”

Of course, after you find your best deal on a flight, you’ll want a great deal on a trip to the airport. Well if you’re going to Logan check out Le Limo, we have options for Sedans, Limos, Mercedes Sprinters, Party Buses and SUVs to get you to the airport. And we can take you there 24 hours a day. Logan parking costs $29 per day and last year 70,000 cars were shut out of spaces because the garages were full.

Le Limo will pick you up at your door and drop you and your bags right at the terminal. It couldn’t be more convenient. Give us a try, 508-842-4790. Let us help you Return to an Era of Unparalleled Luxury.


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Airport Transportation In & Out of Logan

Posted by Michael Foilb on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ 09:06 PM

If you’re flying in and out of Logan Airport you are 1 of almost 30 million travelers that pass through the hub annually. One of the more angst-ridden aspects of your trip is dealing with the airport, whether it’s getting to Logan, coming out of the city, you’re likely combating traffic, parking costs ($29/day), driving stress, schlepping luggage, etc.

Le Limo’s Logan Airport Service is ranked as one of the best in the area. For first class service, a history of outstanding reviews and 30 years of experience, Le Limo helps you return to an era of unparalleled luxury.

For a little more than the cost of a cab Le Limo provides you with a meticulously-clean car, a professionally-trained chauffeur and a stress-free ride to Logan. Water and fresh mints await you in the back of the vehicle. Whether you need a sedan, SUV, stretch limo, Mercedes Sprinter, stretch SUV or party bus, we have a vehicle that suits your needs.


There are so many things that can go badly during a day of travel. We just think that your ride to the airport shouldn’t be one of them. No anxiety about catching a bus, no worries about trying to find an available cab, no issues with parking. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to help you deal with the TSA and long security lines.

we will pick you and your luggage up at your address and drop you off right at your terminal. Call Le Limo to ensure you will get to the airport on time in the lap of luxury. Call us at 800-287-8970 or book online. Drivers are waiting to assist you.

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Le Limo on the Radio!

Posted by Michael Foilb on Thu, Feb 11, 2016 @ 12:35 PM

Le Limo makes a major effort to make sure prospects can find us on a variety of media channels. We've advertised in newspapers, magazines, television, all over the digital world and now, we're on the radio!

We negotiated an advertising package with WEEI, Boston and WAAF Worcester. After all our service area is Boston to Worcester. Tune in to listen. Or for those of you who just want to "play along at home," here is the body copy from our ad:

For 30 Years Le Limo has been setting the standard in the area for luxury livery transportation.

Whether it’s a corporate event, ride to Logan, special celebration, or night on the town

The fleet includes: stretch limos, sedans, suv’s, party buses, Mercedes Sprinters and more.

Call Le Limo about their 30th anniversary specials

Le Limo helps you return to an era of unparalleled luxury

Call 800-287-8970, 800-287-8970 or online at, L-E-L-I-M-O .com

And feel free to do what the ad says, visit us online (oh, you're already here) or call us at 800-287-8970

Click here to hear the ad: 

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Le Limo Kicks Off its 30th Year with 2 Prestigious Awards

Posted by Michael Foilb on Wed, Jan 20, 2016 @ 08:12 PM

SHREWSBURY, MA– Started in 1986; Le Limo was founded by Natick High graduate and Framingham resident, Andrew Foilb, with the simple premise to “Listen to Our Customers.” That was the foundation tor their ongoing commitment to luxury and exceptional service. Thirty years later, Le Limo has become the standard bearer in the state for prestigious livery service. As evidence to their accomplishments, both Wedding Wire and The Knot, two of the nation’s leading online wedding sites have both announced that Le Limo Limousine has been voted recipient of their highest award for service and excellence.

This is the fourth time Le Limo has been the recipient of The Knot’s Best of Weddings award, the recognition only goes to the top 1% ranked vendors based on customer reviews. The honor earns Le Limo a place in the media group’s Hall of Fame. The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards 2015 is given to elite wedding professionals who demonstrate superior quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

“We’ve been working at this for thirty years and it’s humbling for us to get the acknowledgement from these outlets as well as from our customers. Our number one goal is to provide service better than anyone else in the region.” Foilb said. “We value all of our clients and truly appreciate the positive feedback that helped us earn these awards. But mostly, we are proud of our staff for their on-going dedication to be the best in the business.”

For thirty years, Le Limo has proudly set the quality standard as the area’s premium limousine company. While the organization has built an unsurpassed reputation serving the wedding industry, they also offer a full range of services to corporations, business executives, airport travelers, special celbrations and night-on-the-town revelers. The company’s corporate mission is to return customers to an era of unparalleled luxury.

While many industry honorees are selected by the host organization, the winners of these awards are determined solely based on reviews from real newlyweds and their experiences. Award-winning vendors are distinguished for the quality, quantity, consistency and timeliness of the reviews they have received from their past clients.

The company has a varied fleet that includes stretch limousines, sedans, SUVs, party buses, executive coaches, Mercedes Sprinters, stretch SUVs, a 1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce and a custom-built trolley. The company regularly turns over their fleet, in the past year they’ve added a new fleet of Lincoln MKS sedans, new MKT stretch limousines, new Mercedes Sprinter and a new Limo Bus, they call their Cabin Cruiser.

To initiate its 30th year, Le Limo invited all of their employees to a night of fine dining and celebration at the Twin River Casino in Rhode Island. The company also released a special 30th anniversary logo which they’ll use all year to mark this sensational milestone. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Le Limo is running special promotional offers all year long....